Tinashe - Black Water 歌詞


[Verse 1:]
Black Water, looking glass
No windows, still at last
Low whisper in the air
Storms coming, please beware
Storms coming, will we need
Sand bags and batteries?
Old pictures led us to
Frozen moments, favourite shoes
Wine bottles, diamond rings
No value in expensive things
Do you imagine my surprise
What is precious to my life

Cause I... I'm in love with this music
Cause I... I'm in love with this music (all I need)

[Verse 2:]
Black water deep as night
Too quiet, no moonlight
Take caution, don't be fooled
Storms coming, coming soon
Storms coming, so prepare
It's worse for the unaware

Oooh When all the signs that are saying that you will be in love
Then everything inside me screams I'm not giving up
No I'll stay afloat or I'll drown in it
Black water [x4]

I'm in love with this music (I'm in love)
I'm in love with this music (all I need)

Black water oooh yeah
Black water



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- Tinashe - Black Water 歌詞


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