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So addictive, so addictive
I'm addicted to v12 benz-es
The rush of audio meth it comes instant
Every breathe I take I pay interest
So addictive, so addictive
I'm addicted canary yellow diamonds
Chinese A-Ks that shoot silent
Most gangstas choose to die violent

Diamond up, eagle G
Deez a weed slingin needles
Heroin drawn from my cerebral
Paint artists laced you with scares and tarnish everything on you
Take you out your jewels and dress

The maybach parallel, seats caramel
Fly as airmail killa bees parasail
The luger black, the coke white, the boy brown, goodnight
Coupe red, streets dark, scare the snakes out the grass when the tree spark
Backwoods, no white boys, movin white better lookout for them white boys
Got a white beamer, got a white six,
White man's work a suck a big black d*ck
Got a n*gga down the street down to murk somethin
Give him half now s*it known to work somethin

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