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Here in my book of memories
each page remembers you and me.
running in the rain, laughing in the sunshine
we used to share our kisses and dreams.
Now you´ve gone to some distant shore,
what happend to the boy next door?
Wherever you are I wonder if you´d cherish
the special joy we shared yesterday.

Do you still remember?
Do you still recall?
Memories so tender,
Do you still remember?

Come here and let me breathe you in
oh you´ve haven´t lost that same old grin.
I know what you want and I´ll confess to one thing
I´ts never been as good as it was then.


Why we fought each other?
I will never know.
But I can´t seem to shake the past.
If we had another chance to make it go
I wonder could we make it last?


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- Aretha Franklin - Do You Still Remember 歌詞


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